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Planet Stronghold (Pc)

Planet Stronghold is a sci-fi roleplaying game with turn based battles featuring 8 playable character, over 50 quests
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1 February 2011

Editor's review

As kids, science fiction always fascinated us by its exhilarating mysteries and unending surprises. Now if you have over the years grown up on the Star wars and the extraterrestrials it is quite expected that space fantasies hold your attention. Planet Stronghold (PC) 0.9 is a remarkable game that builds up on the spirit of sci-fi and offers you a breathtaking challenge to man a combat outpost on the borders of human civilization in distant future. The element of thrill and kill is predominant in the game and a player is likely to experience sheer adrenaline rush while playing the game. As one can understand from the name of the game, the outpost is a strongly defended one and it is imperative that you hold on to it successfully and destroy the enemy.

Planet Stronghold (PC) 0.9 on launch sports a neat interface with options placed in an easily accessible manner. One needs to first get his team right to actively pursue the game. Depending on the sector you are playing in which is shown in the sector map, one can customize his strategy for the game. Next one also needs to look at the possibility of changing the weapons that one plans to use and same details can be obtained from the armory. If that was not all, a player should bother about his fuel levels as they have an impact on his movement. Overall the game flows at a brisk space and with time a player improve his combat skills.

Planet Stronghold (PC) 0.9 comes across as a riveting game which offers a stellar mix of combat excitement and space odyssey to its users. The game receives an appreciable score of four rating points owing to its straight forward game play and rather easy controls.

Publisher's description

Planet Stronghold is a sci-fi role-playing game with a turn-based combat system. You take the role of a young, new recruit that somehow gets assigned to the most well-known, and well-defended, human outpost in the whole galaxy: Planet Stronghold. As the story goes on, you'll have to choose a side in a a war that will change the destiny of the planet, and of humankind, forever. Game features: play as male or female, 8 playable characters, over 40 items, 50 quests, 3 optional romance subplots for each gender.
Planet Stronghold (Pc)
Planet Stronghold (Pc)
Version 0.9
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